Brand“New Rochelle – Ideally Yours”

I hope you like that phrase, because we’ll all be hearing it (and seeing the associated NRNY logo) many, many times in the next few years.  It’s our new brand, unveiled for the first time yesterday.

The brand may seem pretty simple, but it’s actually the product of many months of work, including extensive community surveys and creative input from graphic designers and communication experts, all coordinated by a national-caliber firm called North Star.  There’s more information about the process in this prior post.

A sample marketing package, utilizing the brand design and color palette

A sample marketing package utilizing our brand.

A good brand must be both aspirational and plausible.  It has to capture what’s best and distinctive about a community, and yet still ring true.

“Ideally Yours” communicates in a single phrase the breadth of opportunities in New Rochelle – the scope of housing options, commuting choices, and cultural traditions that can suit any lifestyle.  It also captures the inclusive spirit of our diversity, which gives all of us the creative freedom to pursue individual goals. Whatever your ideal may be, you can find it in New Rochelle.

The brand can be used in almost any context.

The brand can be used in almost any context.

Creating our brand is one challenge, and that’s now done.  Utilizing the brand effectively is a whole separate challenge, and that’s only just begun.  Going forward, we should work to integrate the brand into every platform of public communication, encourage its use by large institutions in New Rochelle, and employ the brand in professional marketing efforts aimed at attracting new business and enhancing New Rochelle’s civic image.

This power point, presented to the City Council yesterday, contains much more information, and also provides illustrative examples of how our brand could be used in a professional marketing campaign.

I think the team did a spectacular job.  And with the City pursuing an ambitious downtown development plan, the timing for rolling out our brand could not be better.

Spread the word . . . New Rochelle is Ideally Yours.