Vote ButtonI don’t like sharing unpleasant things, but sometimes it’s necessary to make a point.

Earlier this week, I received an email from an influential figure in the local Republican Party named Frank Ward.  Mr. Ward’s spouse is the top-ranking Republican official in New Rochelle’s North End and the Vice Chair of the local GOP, so his comments are a good window into the thinking of our opposition.

Here is what Mr. Ward wrote directly to me, quoted in full:

“You are by far the most absolute slime ball politician of all time. As a part time ribbon cutting mayor you think that you are the be all and end all of how the city runs. As a north end resident no matter how many votes you get in this area I know for a fact that a great majority of people are fed up with you. There is a silent majority that would celebrate when you finally leave office. And you better hope Jeffrey [Hastie] and Shari [Rackman] don’t win because not only will you be in the minority but there will be a super majority for the opposition. It will be amusing with you and that other moron Jared [Rice] holding hands. I think that this will be the end of the Gnome Administration.”

Here’s a screenshot of the actual email.

Ordinarily, I would hit the delete button on a nasty message like this and move on.  So why I am sharing it instead?  For two reasons:

First, to give you an unvarnished look at the viewpoints and intentions that motivate many of our opponents.  It’s a mindset that was also described here.  Only through exposure can this kind of hatred be confronted and overcome.

Second, to underline the critical importance of electing constructive partners to the City Council.  Because Mr. Ward is right about this much: the outcome of these Council elections will determine the balance, character, and civility (or incivility) of our City government for the next four years.

Please remember that candidates don’t run for office in isolation; they run as part of a team.  And when you elect someone, you empower their supporters and allies, too.

Having been in public life for a while, I’m used to personal attacks — and, fortunately, Catie and the kids have the good sense to laugh at stuff like this.  So I’m not asking for your sympathy.

I am asking you to stand up for something better.

Be sure to vote next Tuesday – not just for me, but for my running mates, as well.  And let’s together demonstrate that the “great majority of people” in New Rochelle have had enough of this hateful, divisive nonsense and want responsible, positive, uplifting leadership that aims to bring us together and move us forward.