Our three pizzas at Carlo's: rucola, carciofo, margherita

Our three pizzas at Carlo’s: Rucola, Carciofo, and Margherita

It was the pizza crust that had Catie raving.  Both thin and soft – and absolutely delicious as the foundation for the three pizzas our family happily consumed over lunch this weekend at Carlo’s Restaurant.

Carlo’s recently opened at 179 Main Street in New Rochelle (where Cienaga used to be located) and is already doing a brisk business among loyalists who fell in love with their Yonkers location and among new fans on the Sound Shore.

With pizza so good, it’s easy to see why.  We split a simple Margherita, the “Rucola” piled high with arugula and red onion, and (my favorite) the “Carciofo” with portabello mushrooms and white truffle oil.

The menu is much more extensive, which was beside the point for Catie, Jeremy, and me – but essential for pasta-loving Owen, who ordered the gnocchi bolognese.  (And who, predictably, finished only a fraction of his heaping portion, thus providing plenty of leftovers for dad to enjoy in the ensuing 24 hours.)