Here’s my mother’s verdict on the Marina Grille:  “it feels like I’m in Maine!”  She’s right.

The view from the Marina Grille.

The view from the Marina Grille.

The restaurant is located in the Wright Island Marina at the very southern end of Drake Avenue in New Rochelle, and with a second floor dining area surrounded by windows, there are great views of Davenport Neck, Glen Island, and pleasure boats dotting New Rochelle Creek.

The food is just as pretty.  And here again, a hat tip to mom, who ordered a picture perfect burrata.  But Jeremy’s zuppe di pesce wasn’t far behind, nor was my happily overstuffed lobster roll.  And along with Catie and my brother, we all made short order of a large platter from the raw bar.

Mom's Burrata

Mom’s Burrata

Will and Jen Leon of the Gnarly Vine on Main Street recently took over the Marina Grille.  The care and warmth that made (and still makes) the Gnarly Vine one of our favorite spots downtown is very much in evidence on the waterfront.

And it’s a much shorter drive than Maine.