Robert Spillane

Robert Spillane

Robert “Bud” Spillane passed away over the weekend.  Folks who have been in New Rochelle for a few decades will remember him best as our Superintendent of Schools back in the 1970s.  But Spillane’s reputation extended far beyond our borders; he was a highly-respected figure in the world of education and held important posts in several districts during his career.

His obituary in today’s New York Times has much more information.

Spillane’s daughter Katie was a kindergarten classmate of mine at Roosevelt Elementary School.  Katie was diabetic, and classroom parties were respectful of her dietary restrictions.  That meant sugar-free Fresca was always on hand.  It’s still my favorite soda.  That certainly ranks very low in the long list of Spillane’s impacts on young people, but I thought it offbeat enough to be worth reporting.

Rest in peace.