Ice SkateThe City Council has agreed to take an in-depth, professional look at business models for a new ice rink and in-door athletic facility.  The study, to be conducted by the consulting group Ballard & King, will include analysis of market conditions, construction and operational costs, and revenue streams.  The results will enable the City to make informed decisions about whether and how to approve and/or finance a new athletic complex.

Healthy communities have good recreational assets.  And while New Rochelle can boast many great parks and playing fields, the closure of the ice rink at New Roc City several years ago was a loss, forcing many hockey families (and others who enjoy skating) to go elsewhere for ice time.

Since then, the City government has searched for ways to construct a new local rink and has even designated a potential rink site at Flowers Park, but efforts until now have run up against serious financial or practical hurdles.

Recently, we received a proposal from a private group that looks much more promising, but also raises a host of questions, some of which can be resolved through the Ballard & King study.

I am hopeful that the forthcoming analysis will demonstrate the viability of the concept, and then allow us to consider options for proceeding.  We expect results around the end of the summer.