greeNRNew Rochelle is looking to cut energy costs for residents and businesses, while boosting the percentage of our energy use that comes from clean, renewable sources.

Through a process called Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”), a municipality can pool the total energy demand from within its borders in order to bargain for better rates and clean energy sourcing.  The municipality then selects a default energy provider, with consumers retaining the right to choose a different provider, if they want to opt out.

This is a creative way to enhance the bargaining position of consumers in the energy marketplace, so that we all get a better deal – economically and environmentally.

Regionally, CCA initiatives are being coordinated by Sustainable Westchester, with the blessing of the NYS Public Service Commission.  The New Rochelle City Council is expected to trigger a process that will lead to local participation at our next meeting on July 21st.