Elevation of Proposed Vib Hotel on Church Street

Elevation of Proposed Vib Hotel on Church Street

A new Vib Hotel is likely coming to downtown New Rochelle.  Vib is Best Western’s boutique brand, with an emphasis on technology integration and stylish design.

The 8-story, 80 room hotel will be located on Church Street, just south of the Church-Division municipal garage, about a block off Main Street.  It’s expected to have sustainable design features consistent with LEED Silver certification.  Hotels are very positive contributors to the health of our downtown economy, so this is all good news.

In order to facilitate the project, the City Council is this month considering two actions: (1) applying our zoning code’s downtown density bonus to the proposed hotel site; and (2) selling a small nearby City-owned parcel that the hotel proposes to utilize for valet parking.

The comprehensive zoning changes planned through our master development agreement — and scheduled to be presented to the Council by the end of the year — are intended to facilitate investment of this kind on a much broader scale.