Proposed Downtown Overlay Zone Boundaries

Proposed Downtown Overlay Zone Boundaries

This week, the City took another procedural step toward the comprehensive redevelopment of our downtown, by declaring our intent to become the “lead agency” responsible for reviewing a forthcoming environmental analysis.

Viewed by itself, this specific measure is minor, but it does now trigger a long series of additional administrative and legislative actions that will unfold at a steady pace during the months ahead, culminating in consideration of a new zoning framework for the downtown by the end of this year.

The image above shows the preliminary proposed boundaries of a new overlay zone, with development opportunities concentrated in the downtown core and transit area, then stepping back toward the downtown periphery and a portion of the North Avenue corridor.

A huge amount of detail will be presented to the City Council and to the public next month, when the master development team at RDRXR releases its Recommended Action Plan (“RAP”), including goals and build-out concepts aligned to the proposed zoning.

It’s an exciting process with the potential to transform the Main Street area into a model of sustainable, transit-oriented, culturally-vibrant economic vitality.  But as with all large-scale changes, it will also entail difficult, complex choices and trade-offs.  So please stay informed and engaged as we move forward.