Train Station Interior

New Rochelle train station interior.

If you haven’t visited the New Rochelle train station lately, make a point of dropping by; there have been a lot of positive changes.

The most notable is a full wrap-around mural by the artist Piero Manrique that fills the interior of the station house.  This brochure provides interesting notes on the mural’s features, all of which celebrate New Rochelle’s human and architectural history.

But the mural is not the only improvement.  A new concierge desk provides enhanced security, a digital display screen presents information about community events, and the entire space has been spruced up.

Few assets are more valuable to our community than the train station.  Beyond shaping the daily experience for thousands of commuters, it’s also a principal gateway to New Rochelle, and a focus of our economic development efforts.  I like to think of these recent improvements as a taste of the much bigger positive changes planned for our entire downtown.