Microgrid ImageNew Rochelle was the first community in Westchester to submit an application for a microgrid under the NY Prize initiative.   And just recently, the State gave us a big thumbs-up, awarding New Rochelle funds for an initial feasibility analysis.

What’s a microgrid?  It links local institutions and facilities in a highly efficient and resilient system of energy production, storage, and use.  Here in New Rochelle, a microgrid would also help boost our economic development goals and strengthen our environmental leadership.

To position this effort for success, the City is working with experts at the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, as well as a range of community partners, including colleges, businesses, Montefiore, RDRXR, United Hebrew, and more.

There’s additional information in this power point and in our full application to the State.

With funding for the feasibility analysis in hand, Booz Allen Hamilton can now conduct a more in-depth six-month study that will culminate in a new application for an engineering grant.  Then, if we get past stage 2, we’ll apply for implementation assistance.

The NY Prize is very competitive, and only a handful of communities in the State will make it to the finish line, but I am excited about our prospects; New Rochelle’s unique combination of existing facilities and ambitious new development make us a potential model for sustainable, resilient energy management.