You’ve probably seen this happen many times . . .

The City paves a road.  It looks nice for a little while.  Then, just a few months later, a utility company comes along to dig a trench.  The trench gets patched in a slipshod way, and now the newly paved road doesn’t look so nice anymore.

It’s a very frustrating pattern.  Which is why the City Council adopted a new policy this month designed to hold utility companies more accountable for their road work.

Our new law has two main features:  (1) utility companies and contractors will be required to submit a performance bond as a backstop for any necessary road restoration work; and (2) our road-opening fee has been increased to cover the cost of employing an inspector, who can ensure proper evaluation and oversight of utility work.  Together, these measures should make a big difference.

Of course, utility cuts are just one factor impacting the condition of our local roads.  This year’s road paving program, which is triple the size of our paving contract in prior years, will get underway during the summer, probably July.