YMCANew Rochelle’s Assembly Members, Amy Paulin and Steve Otis, have teamed up to rescue the local YMCA.  Late last week, Amy and Steve secured a $1 million capital grant from the State to help repair the Y’s pool.

Without a new pool, the YMCA was in real danger of closing, which would have been devastating for countless local families who really depend on the Y’s programming.  And despite our community rallying around the Y, with lots of private donations, the capital campaign was still short of the goal.  That’s why this new assistance from Amy and Steve is so important, and why they deserve tremendous thanks.

Albany is (rightly) viewed as dysfunctional and corrupt, but we should never paint with too broad a brush, because, like any other large group of people, the State Legislature contains folks of wide-ranging abilities, intelligence, and integrity.  New Rochelle is fortunate to have a very capable and ethical State legislative delegation, as this latest accomplishment illustrates.