Since the end of winter, New Rochelle’s in-house repair crew has filled about 2,200 potholes.  Meanwhile, contractors brought in to supplement the City workforce have repaired an additional 25,000 square feet of roadway, give or take.  That’s a lot of filling and patching.

Unfortunately, more is required; as most drivers can attest, new potholes have formed this spring, creating fresh hazards on many streets.  For this reason, the City Manager has recommended an additional emergency appropriation of $100,000 for another round of repairs.  Combined with $50,000 in new State funding, this should be sufficient to address present needs.

As previously reported, the bigger and longer-term fix is scheduled for the summer, when many local roads will be completely resurfaced.  The City Council has tripled our annual paving budget, which will enable us to rebuild many more roads, while also reducing pothole repair needs in future years.

For a regional perspective, check out this article from the Daily Voice.  New Rochelle is certainly not alone in facing this challenge.