Spock 3As a kid, I had a pretty easy-going relationship with my parents, but there was one topic on which we regularly came to loggerheads.  The issue was television.  Specifically, whether our little black and white set would be turned on during the 6:00pm dinner hour.  Me: urgently in favor.  Mom and Dad: firmly opposed.

I would beg, cajole, pout, threaten, bargain, issue earnest promises of future good deeds, even make lofty appeals to justice. (In retrospect, this was not bad practice for politics.)  Mostly I’d lose, but every now and then, some sudden burst of parental charity — or perhaps just weariness — would lead to victory.

And what is the program that sparked our nearly daily battles?  What is the show had me pulling out every arrow in a seven-year-old’s quiver?

Star Trek, playing in reruns every weeknight on Channel 11.

Even my jaded older brothers were impressed with my ability to identify any episode within about half a second of its opening shot.

Nerd then, nerd now, nerd forever, probably.  Such is life.  And like most nerds, I liked Spock the best of all the Enterprise crew.

So I was sad today to receive the news that Leonard Nimoy had passed away at the age of 83.  He lived long.  He prospered.  And I hope he rests now in peace.