PoliceWhile technology can never replace our men and women in blue, cameras have become a valuable new tool in helping the Police solve crimes.  Since December 2013, the New Rochelle PD has installed high-resolution cameras at several dozen key locations.  The cameras have been instrumental in identifying suspects, recording the license plates of getaway cars, and enabling prosecutors to obtain guilty pleas.

Last week, we had a press conference to describe the camera system and highlight its value.  Here’s some coverage from the Daily Voice, News 12 and Fios1.

In the next stage of the program, scheduled to roll out in a few months, the City will invite businesses and other institutions to link their privately-owned security cameras to our public system, giving the PD the ability to obtain video from a broader portion of the community.

It’s very important to point out that this is not some kind of Big Brother-style perpetual surveillance.  The videos are checked only in the context of an investigation after a crime has occurred, and, except for specific videos preserved as evidence, all are destroyed 15 days after being recorded.