"Fracture" by Adam Daly, coming soon to Main & Beechwood.

“Fracture” by Adam Daly, coming soon to Main & Beechwood.

To help enliven public spaces in our community, New Rochelle’s Municipal Arts Commission (MAC) launched a mural design competition last year, with a focus on giving visual appeal to some of the large, bare walls that are visible from busy locations.

The first site: the corner of Main Street and Beechwood Avenue.  With written permission from the property owner, the MAC invited artists to submit ideas, and they received more than thirty entries in response.  The winner was just selected: “Fracture” by Adam Daly, an experienced large-scale painter.

My own artistic sensibility and knowledge are pretty limited, so I withhold any judgment on the mural itself, but I can certainly appreciate the positive value of public art and am very grateful to the team of volunteers and City officials who spearheaded this effort.  More to come.