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This week, our Parks & Rec team unveiled new master plans for Feeney Park and Lincoln Park.  Developed over several months with lots of public input, the master plans include a wide range of improvements — from new lighting, to repaired walkways, to expanded community garden plots, to additional trees.

Good plans are very valuable, because they help us set priorities with respect to local budgets, while also putting the City in a better position to compete successfully for grants.  What’s more, these particular parks, which are located in some of New Rochelle’s most densely-populated neighborhoods, are eligible for federal CDBG funding, which is restricted to areas with certain socio-economic characteristics.

Unfortunately, even with CDBG dollars, the estimated cost of about $2 million per park means it will probably take several years to phase in all the intended improvements, so we’ll have to be a little bit patient.  This is simply a good start.

My thanks to the members of our staff, council members, and community advocates who participated in this process.