Ice SkateThis month’s cold snap has produced at least one positive outcome: effective today, Paine Lake, Carpenter’s Pond, and the southern lake in front of New Rochelle High School (by Eastchester Road) are open for ice skating!

Beechmont Lake still does not have the consistent 4 inch minimum ice depth necessary for safety, and Glenwood Lake still has a fountain operating, so, for now, skating remains off-limits at those locations.   New Rochelle’s Parks & Rec staff will be checking ice depth daily and will post signs if there are any changes.

I’m not much of a skater myself.  My sole experience on the ice back in college was a bust.  I took a tumble (well, lots of tumbles) and someone skated across my hand.  I’m sure my friends must have been concerned about all the blood, but it was hard to tell, because they were too busy laughing at me.

Still, seeing folks enjoy our lakes in the winter is a special sight that even uncoordinated people like me can appreciate as spectators.  So have fun!