NRHS 2For a downtown area to really ignite with economic and cultural energy, you usually need residential and commercial density — more people, doing more things, spending more money.  That’s why New Rochelle’s ambitious development goals call for significant growth around Main Street and our transit district.

But new population also means extra demands on infrastructure and services, like public schools, so it’s very important to have a plan in place for addressing those demands before growth occurs.

The City has already worked with the School District to better analyze student generation from specific projects and to calculate the marginal cost of educating each child.  So what’s new?  Now we’re teaming with the School District to tackle this challenge more broadly through a comprehensive analysis of demographic trends, school capacity, and anticipated development patterns.

An RFP for professional consulting services was issued in September, and from a field of eight respondents, the City and School District this month tapped a firm called WXY to work with us.  WXY’s full proposal contains much more detail.  The work will get underway in early 2015.