My Shoyu Ramen

My Shoyu Ramen

First I finished my own order of shoyu ramen, a heaping portion of delicious noodles in a chicken soy broth, with egg, pork belly, scallions, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms.  I finished it down to the last salty, umami drop.  Then, disheartened by the empty bowl in front of me,  I started in on Owen’s tonkotsu ramen; it was even better!

Owen enjoys his tonkotsu.  I helped.

Owen enjoys his tonkotsu. I helped.

Our family had just finished marching in New Rochelle’s annual Thanksgiving parade.  The day was beautiful, but cold, and, as usual, I had under-dressed for the occasion (Catie says I am not a one-trial learner.  She is right.)  By the time the parade wrapped up, I was chilled to the bone, so we made impromptu plans for lunch with friends at Roc-N-Ramen.  And the steaming bowls of japanese noodles were just what the doctor ordered.

Roc-N-Ramen opened a few weeks ago on Anderson Street, the small road that links North Avenue to New Roc City, and it’s been bustling ever since.  Slabs of wood cover the walls and the noodle bar, giving the space a warm and inviting quality, which is matched by the welcome of the staff.  And the ramen!  Delicious.  We’ll be back.