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Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call for many communities around the country.  Even as we work to address the global challenge of climate change, it’s also vital to take local action to prepare for the next disaster or emergency.

While physical resilience – infrastructure, land use policies, and so forth – tends to get the most attention, the “social resilience” of a community can often be just as important to an effective disaster response and recovery.  That means building strong relationships between government and not-for-profits, activating volunteer networks, and helping neighbor to look after neighbor.

The time to get ready, of course, is before disaster strikes.  So to meet this challenge, the City has teamed up with the New Rochelle Council of Community Services to survey local agencies and service providers and get a better handle on how we can work together in a future emergency.

Check out this video for more information, but keep in mind that the video message and survey are intended for organizations, not the general public.