Ray RiceThe national conversation about Ray Rice has been even more intense and complex here in his hometown, where it is difficult for many of us to reconcile personal experiences with a young man who has contributed greatly to the community with images of this same young man committing a shocking act of domestic violence.  This morning, a reporter asked me to comment on New Rochelle’s divided reaction to Ray’s conduct, and this prompted me to collect my thoughts more carefully.  Here is my statement:

“Past good works can not mitigate or excuse something as serious as domestic violence, and any actions or statements that suggest otherwise send a message that is both wrong and dangerous.  For Ray, redemption can only be earned through a long and difficult process of understanding domestic violence, working with advocates in the field, coming to grips with what he has done, and demonstrating over time that it is possible to change.  It is this process that deserves the support of those in New Rochelle who have known Ray and admired his contributions, and if Ray chooses to walk this road, then many in our community will be there to walk with him.”