The College of New Rochelle

The College of New Rochelle

The College of New Rochelle (CNR) is the first private college in the Mid-Hudson Region to receive an official designation from the START-UP NY program.  This will enable CNR to attract emerging businesses in fields such as biotechnology, information technology, re-manufacturing, advance materials, engineering, or electronic products to space at its New Rochelle campus.

The City worked closely with CNR to prepare and advance the application, and we were delighted to get the good news late last month.  It’s a big win for the College and the whole community.

New York State is known for its strong higher educational institutions, but we haven’t done enough to link higher ed to economic growth and job creation.  START-UP NY is aimed at addressing this challenge by creating targeted business incentives on or near college campuses.

Here’s the full press release with more details.  And here’s coverage in the Journal News and the Westchester Business Journal.