Volunteer NY ImageThirteen years after September 11, 2001, 9/11 remains a date of sober reflection for our entire country.  But it has also become something more – a date of service, an opportunity to contribute to the present and the future, even as we remember the past.

Here in Westchester, Volunteer New York has taken the lead by organizing more than twenty-five different volunteer projects, from feeding the hungry, to providing live-saving blood, to bringing dignity to those less fortunate, to mitigating environmental damage, to nurturing early literacy.  These activities will extend from September 11th through September 14th, and most are family-friendly.

Here’s detailed information about all the different volunteer opportunities, or you can call 914-948-4452 to learn more.  Early registration is encouraged.

Let’s make this 9/11 a day of remembrance and service.