Mulch Workshops

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With a new leaf collection policy taking effect in New Rochelle this fall, the City is making a special effort to provide homeowners with complete information about the rules and options.  Postcards are in the mail, lawns signs are being placed, flyers are going home from school — all with an important message:

Loose piles of leaves can no longer be placed at curbside.  Instead, homeowners can: (1) mulch mow their leaves; (2) bag leaves for weekly pickup by DPW; or (3) ask their gardener to transport leaves to the City disposal site.

For most properties, mulch mowing will be the best choice.  Mulch mowing improves lawn health by recycling nutrients back into the soil, it is practical even for areas with heavy tree cover, and – with a little practice – it should be no more difficult or costly than traditional methods of leaf disposal.

If you want to learn more about mulch mowing, please attend one of seven free workshops being held all around town during the next few weeks.

There’s much more information at (be sure to click on the links at the upper left for frequently-asked-questions) or you can call 914-740-6145.

Changing habits is almost always difficult.  Some landscapers have mounted an organized campaign in opposition to the new rules, and I’ve heard from a number of residents and friends who have concerns.  I respect those objections, but the City Council adopted this new policy for compelling reasons: improving road safety, reducing flooding, encouraging environmentally-sound practices, and saving tax dollars.  It is worth noting that about 60% of Westchester has stopped collecting loose leaves at curbside, with more poised to make a similar change, and the experience in those other communities has been positive.