The old Hartley Houses public housing complex is coming down.

The old Hartley Houses public housing complex is coming down.

This morning, I attended the ground-breaking for the second phase of the Heritage Homes housing development.  This all-affordable, townhouse-style project, about a block west of City Hall, replaces a mid-rise public housing complex that is being torn down.  The new design significantly improves the quality of our local affordable housing stock and strengthens physical links to the surrounding neighborhood by re-creating a historic street grid.  In short, it’s a much better place to live than the project it replaces.

This excerpt from the full press release has more detail about phase II:

Phase II is a $20 million project that will add 56 units to the recently completed 131 units. The 56 units include five clusters of two- and three-story town houses, 49 two-bedroom apartments, and seven three-bedroom apartments. The property will have 77 parking spaces and include amenities such as laundry rooms, storage areas and a community room. Both phases are built green: recycled materials during construction, high efficiency heating and cooling units in each apartment, bamboo flooring, and Energy Star windows and appliances. At completion, Phase II will be Energy Star Certified.  Phase III will be a $15 million project scheduled to start in Fall 2015 with 41 three-bedroom apartments and its own laundry facility and recreation space.

Congratulations to MacQuesten Development and the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority on this important milestone, and thank you to partners at all levels of government for financial and regulatory assistance.  The Heritage Homes initiative has been a big positive for many residents and for our center city neighborhood as a whole.