Noam Bramson at the Trilogy ribbon-cutting.

When the pastry chef pulls out a blowtorch to give the finishing touch to a small s’more-inspired cake, you know good things are coming.  Trilogy Bake Shop is filled with such little moments of surprise and happy anticipation.

Just opened at 679 Main Street (near the end of Webster Avenue) in New Rochelle, Trilogy has the look of a Starbucks-ish coffee house and can comfortably fill that niche in your life.  But caffeine plays only a supporting role in this show – sugar is the star.   Cookies, bars, cupcakes, tarts, cheesecakes, and not a one of them is generic or shipped-in.

Instead, all the treats are the original creations of Jessica Pollack, the aforementioned pastry chef with the blowtorch.  Jessica was mentored by the White House pastry chef and attended the prestigious French Pastry School in Chicago.  The pedigree shows (or tastes), because the sweets are dangerously delicious.

I had the pleasure of attending Trilogy’s grand opening this week, with Owen in tow.  Suffice to say that Owen was happy to be dragged along to this particular event.  Owen’s dentist may be less thrilled.

If you like sweet stuff, make a point of going.  Trilogy, like several other local restaurants and eateries, is the kind of business that’s important to the vitality and image of New Rochelle’s downtown.  If we want our community to prosper, it’s important to support these kinds of establishments.

You can start your diet the next day.