Shakespeare Festival LogoQuick . . . who would be a celebrating his 450th birthday this year?  If you guessed Galileo, you’re right!  But, well, that’s not really the point, because there was another notable birth in 1564 – William Shakespeare.  And nearly five centuries later, Shakespeare retains a pretty breathtaking and seemingly timeless influence over the English language, popular culture, everyday idioms, and our understanding of human nature – not to mention the middle school experience of millions of youngsters.

To celebrate, the New Rochelle Council on the Arts is putting on a Shakespeare Festival featuring live performances, films, lectures and more.  Events run from April 3rd through May 15th.  You can read all about it in this press release, written in iambic pentameter (not really.)  Or check out the website for the Council on the Arts.

Whether you’re a fan of history’s greatest playwright (take THAT, Euripides), or simply want to enjoy the cultural vitality of our community, be sure to mark your calendar.