White Bean Soup at Recologie

White Bean Soup at Recologie

It’s not just for Vegetarians.  My meat-heavy diet would horrify any cardiologist, and when something – anything – roasted medium rare to rare is available on the menu, I barely look at the other options.  So when I tell you that non-Vegetarians will enjoy Recologie, you can take my word for it.

A recent lunch started with a dynamite white bean soup, followed by a sandwich with goat cheese, onions and figs – a perfect blend of sweet and savory.

And Recologie is more than a restaurant.  It’s also a boutique, art gallery and performance space.  So in addition to checking out their menu, you should also look at their calendar of events.

Recologie is located at 49 Lawton Street in New Rochelle, in the space formerly occupied by Villarina’s and then Alvin & Friends (before it moved to larger quarters on Memorial Highway.)  Another example of New Rochelle’s great and eclectic dining scene.