The Concierge Desk will look like this.

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As the busiest stop along Westchester’s portion of the New Haven line, the New Rochelle train station welcomes thousands of riders every day, serves as a vital gateway to our community, and sits at the heart of our economic development strategy.  The station house itself is a charming old structure, and the garage next door helped meet growing demand for parking when it was built about a decade ago.  But there’s no doubt that the experience of traveling to and from New Rochelle by rail could be improved.

With this goal in mind, the City’s Department of Development has teamed up with the Business Improvement District to design a new “Concierge Desk.”  Security will be stationed at the desk to improve safety, deter mischief, and monitor persistent trouble spots like the bathrooms.  Security personnel will also be trained to provide information and brochures about events, restaurants, and activities in New Rochelle, with additional information displayed electronically on adjoining screens.

(From the desk, security officials will also be able to monitor feeds from cameras throughout the garage and station.)

OK, calling it a “Concierge Desk” may be a little bit of a stretch.  It’s not like you’ll be able to make theater reservations or arrange your dry cleaning through the security staff.  But this will be a nice touch that makes our downtown gateway more inviting, safe, and attractive.

Construction should get underway this spring.