Baja Fish & Duck Taco

Baja Fish & Duck Tacos

Before visiting Bartaco in Port Chester, I’d never had a duck taco.  Having now consumed three of them during lunch with the boys over the weekend, I am ready to make duck tacos a major part of my diet.  Perfect balance of sweet, salty, tangy and spicy, all freshened up with a sprinkling of chopped cilantro.

Bartaco is super-casual.  At each simple wood table, you’ll find a container of utensils, chopsticks and napkins, as well as a trio of hot sauces.  You order by marking up a little card and handing it to the wait staff.

We started with the obligatory chips and guacamole, and then the parade of tacos began.  Ribeye, baja fish, fried oyster, curry shrimp, pork belly, plus the aforementioned duck.  All great.  And also small and cheap enough that you can sample here and there, without worrying about over-committing or breaking the bank.

By the time we were placing our fourth order of the afternoon, Jeremy decided to shift gears and get the shrimp ceviche, which turned out to be a good call – it was delicious, with just the right heat and refreshing acid.

Owen, meanwhile, being the least adventurous eater in the family, insisted on ordering a bowl of brown rice.  Now, I’ve got nothing against brown rice, but really?  We made fun of him relentlessly, but he smiled right through our barbs.  To each, his or her own.