Here’s some great news four days out from an election: The New York Times has just endorsed Noam! The Times made abundantly clear what’s at stake in this election, writing that there’s “a starker divide, between responsible governing and recklessness” dividing Noam and Rob:

“Mr. Astorino’s obstinacy has brought the county to the brink of contempt charges and cost it millions in federal housing funds.”
“Mr. Bramson, New Rochelle’s mayor since 2006, has the skills and vision needed to run the county well. He makes a strong case that Mr. Astorino’s spending cuts — to the planning department, mental health services and child care support, among other things — have done damage. So has the self-destructive battle over fair housing, which Mr. Bramson promises to end. We recommend Mr. Bramson.”

Noam is endorsed by the New York Times! This is a huge boost for our campaign, but we can’t get complacent with just 70 hours left before the polls open. There are three things you can do right now to help us out. 1) Forward the endorsement to your friends and neighbors. 2) Sign up for a get out the vote shift today to spread the word over the phone or in person. 3) Donate $20 or more today to help support our volunteers who will be spreading this message. Let’s win this together!