In the last week alone, our campaign has discussed everything from Noam’s approach to shared services to how the Hispanic community has been slammed by cuts to essential programs over the past four years. At their heart though, every debate we’ve had boils down to a simple question: Do we want a County Executive who shares our moderate, mainstream values – or one who sides with the Tea Party at our expense?

Perhaps no issue better illustrates that sharp divide than the debate over whether gun safety is “nonsense” – as Rob Astorino says in his latest ad – or whether it matters that Rob Astorino brought gun shows back to Westchester. Today, Noam stood with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence to emphatically explain exactly why Rob’s actions in office have been so harmful.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch his remarks, because Noam explains the issue more forcefully and eloquently than I could.

It’s not “nonsense” to criticize Rob Astorino for bringing gun shows back to the County Center; it’s not “nonsense” to point out that Rob opposes a ban on assault weapons; and it’s not “nonsense” to demand that Rob finally answer whether he’d bring gun shows back to the County Center again if he’s re-elected this year. The false idea that Westchester County doesn’t play any role in this debate is what’s actually “nonsense.”

What kind of message does it send to tell someone like Gisela Marin, who lost her daughter Jessica to gun violence in 2006, that her advocacy is “nonsense”?

These issues matter. They are literally life and death, and Rob’s actions in office played a huge role in undermining public safety. You better believe we are going to keep highlighting what Noam Bramson believes and that we won’t stop fighting for County leadership we can be proud of.


Barry Caro