New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson announced two environmental endorsements today, as he received the endorsements of the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group and the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters!In its release, the League of Conservation Voters noted that as mayor of New Rochelle, Bramson had amassed an impressive record of environmental accomplishments. In particular the group praised Bramson for his leadership in drafting the city’s first comprehensive sustainability plan, called GreeNR as well as the creation by his administration of new public access to the Long Island Sound shore. That project was criticized by Rob Astorino in recent debates.

John Nonna, a member of the board of directors of the Westchester Chapter of the League of Conservation Voters, noted that the Westchester Chapter voted 13 to 3 to recommend that Noam Bramson receive the endorsement based on his stellar environmental record and the lack of a commitment to environmental priorities by Republican Rob Astorino. “Through his work on New Rochelle’s award-winning sustainability plan Noam has proven that environmental priorities are in his DNA.”

Endorsed by the Sierra Club!Sierra Club Political Director Ed Berry said, “Bramson is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through implementing energy efficiency policies for both buildings and vehicles. He is a proponent for new agriculture practices such as rooftop, hydroponic, and aquaponic farms to improve access to local foods for Westchester residents.”

“Throughout my time in public office, I’ve made is a priority to focus on the clear relationship between smart economic growth and protecting our environment,” said Mayor Bramson. “Westchester deserves to have a County Executive who believes that climate change is real, a County Executive who is actually committed to tackling the challenge of environmental sustainability.