When Democrats vote, Democrats win. Simple, but oh so true.

This is the most critical weekend of the entire campaign, and we need your help now more than ever. Don’t believe me? Here are ten reasons why your help is crucial:

1. Because THIS guy already voted for Noam…

Noam with President Clinton

If the former President of the United States has already cast his ballot for Noam, don’t you think you can convince a couple of your friends to do the same?

2. … But THIS guy donated a lot of money to Rob.

Donald Trump is one of Robs biggest donors.

That’s right, America’s most famous birther is fully on board team Astorino, as are a who’s who of Tea Party billionaires. Get out the vote to stop the Donald.

3. Door hangers belong on doors.

Hang those up on doors, not people!

Sorry, Barry, but this look just doesn’t work for you. It does, however, work for doors. Put door hangers where they belong – on Democrats’ doors.

4. Lawn signs belong on lawns.

Help get these lawn signs onto the streets!

I mean seriously, just LOOK at that wall of lawn signs. Get them out of our office and onto the streets, please!

5. The Giants have a bye week.

The Giants have a bye, so GOTV

At least half of you just lost your excuse for Sunday!

6. Food. And a food blog.

Do you like food? Well give you some if you GOTV.

Seriously, how many candidate’s keep a food blog on their travels? Noam likes food so much, he’ll get you some too if you stop by for a GOTV shift.

7. Halloween calories.

Door knocking is excellent exercise.

Speaking of food… We know, we know. All of us are going to dip into the candy tray tomorrow night. But on the bright side, you can get in some cardio by knocking on doors!

8. Meet some new friends!

Getting out the vote: Anyone can do it!

These kids had a great time getting out the vote, and you will, too!

9. Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer already GOTV

Democrats win when Democrats GOTV

If a Governor and a Senator can each spare an afternoon to tell people to get out and vote in this race, I think you have the time to do so, too.

10. Forty One Thousand and Ten.

Tens of Thousands of Democrats stayed home in 2009

That’s how many fewer votes our candidate got in 2009 than in 2005. Enough said. Get. Out. The. Vote.

I’ll see you around the office…