Can you imagine a politician accusing constituents of advocating murder?

Far-fetched? Never happen? Think again. Because that’s exactly what Rob Astorino has just done. And it’s outrageous.

In an interview with the Journal News, Mr. Astorino said that anyone who supports a woman’s right to choose as defined by Roe v. Wade is supporting “infanticide.”

He was speaking specifically about the New York State Women’s Equality Act, which would have brought our State’s law on reproductive rights into conformity with federal standards, with restrictions on abortion permitted after viability, provided there are exceptions for a mother’s health.

That’s my position. That’s the position of Governor Cuomo who put forward the Women’s Equality Act. That’s the position of most of our State legislative team. That’s the position of Westchester’s entire Congressional delegation. That’s the position of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. That’s the position of Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Most importantly, that’s the position of the vast majority of Westchester residents, who trust women and doctors to make medical decisions, especially when a woman’s health is at stake.

But not Rob Astorino.

We already knew that Mr. Astorino wanted politicians like himself to dictate personal choices to women, and that he vetoed a County law protecting women when they accessed medical care.

Now, with this ugly and inflammatory statement, Mr. Astorino is going much further, and he owes his own constituents an apology.

In our recent debate, I said that Mr. Astorino’s record and views were “the Tea Party with a smile,” meaning he conceals ultra-conservative politics behind a moderate façade. By accusing Westchester’s pro-choice voters of advocating murder, Mr. Astorino has dispensed with the smile. The Tea Party is all that’s left.