New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson was endorsed for County Executive today by seven state legislators at a press conference in White Plains. At the press conference, the legislators praised Bramson for his constructive approach to solving real problems in their communities.
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Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins of Yonkers said, “We have the opportunity to have a visionary leader who understands how working with all levels of government can benefit Westchester County and ultimately the state of NY. We can have a leader who shares out values, whether it’s commonsense gun laws or whether it’s all ten points of the Women’s Equality Act. We can have a leader who understands that on a very local level economic development works best when everyone is working around the table.”

Mayor Bramson said, “I have worked closely with all of the people here today as a Mayor in New Rochelle, and I look forward to working with them as County Executive for the next four years. These are phenomenal public servants who’ve applied themselves vigorously to solving the challenges that face their constituents and this whole state.

Senator George Latimer of Rye said, “What this really is about, is what do you put down as your governing philosophy? That’s what impresses me the most about Noam Bramson. What I’ve learned is that you must put pragmatism first. We’re watching in Washington DC gridlock over ideology, where people have a vision they want to impose regardless of the facts. We can’t afford that here in Westchester. I am absolutely confident that Noam will work with state legislators, with county legislators, with federal officials, and with local officials over the next four years.”

Assemblymember Sandy Galef of Ossining said, “We’ve been trying to work with the County to develop a historic museum at Sing-Sing. I know that Noam will really be there for the community. He’ll always say. “I’m gonna work with you, I’m gonna make a difference in the community.” He believes we’re all in this together.”

Assemblymember Gary Pretlow of Mount Vernon said, “Housing, especially in Southern Westchester, is a crucial issue. Instead of fighting with the government, Noam will work together to find solutions.”

Assemblymember Tom Abinanti of Greenburgh said, “One of the most important things Westchester can do is protect its people from gun violence. Over and over, the County Executive says talking about guns has nothing to do with being County Executive. That’s not true. I spent 19 years as a County Legislator, and I spent a lot of time dealing with gun policy in Westchester County – including a lot of time with some of the other people here today.”

Assemblymember Shelley Mayer of Yonkers said, “In my city of Yonkers, 25% of people relies on the Bee Line bus every day. Under this administration, the frequency of bus transportation has declined and fares have increased. A terrific study from the previous administration on bus rapid transit on Central Avenue has simply sat on a bookshelf.”

Assemblymember David Buchwald of White Plains said, “I represent the towns of Bedford and Lewisboro, which have the second and third highest per capita foreclosure rates in Westchester. Noam recognizes that investments in foreclosure prevention don’t just help the residents who are directly served by them, they help the County Budget, too.”