Noam Bramson’s campaign spokesman Barry Caro issued the following statement challenging Rob Astorino on his “Promises Kept” press releases.

“With one month left, the Astorino spin machine has been dialed up to 11,” said Bramson campaign spokesman Barry Caro. “It’s truly surreal to see Rob claiming credit for “cutting” his staff – when his office’s budget is 13% higher today than it was under Andy Spano. And it’s something else to watch Rob pat himself on the back for supposedly getting rid of a car and driver that he still has and that he still uses pretty much every day. The promises Rob has actually kept have been the ones he made to the Tea Party.”
“Rob is being forced to invent accomplishments because his real record is badly out of step with what Westchester voters expect,” Caro concluded. “We didn’t elect Rob to gut essential services, borrow tens of millions of dollars to cover operations, bring gun shows back to the County Center, and undermine a woman’s right to choose – but that’s exactly what he’s really done in office.”
In the adopted 2010 operating budget, the last adopted under former County Executive Andy Spano, Westchester appropriated $1,715,709 for salaries of employees in the County Executive’s office. (2010 Adopted Budget, Pages C16 to C18, LINK)
In the adopted 2013 operating budget, the most recent under County Executive Rob Astorino, Westchester appropriated 1,949,717 for the salaries of employees in the County Executive’s office. (2013 Adopted Budget, Pages C14 – C15, LINK)
That represents a 12.6% increase in funding for the County Executive’s staff under Rob Astorino.
Not only does Rob Astorino still receive a car and driver, but he has been forced to reimburse Westchester County for using his car and driver for “non-governmental business.” (New York State Campaign finance disclosures, available online here; reimbursements made out to “County of Westchester”)