They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one certainly tells quite a story:

Noam debates an empty podium

Noam debates an empty podium

That’s Noam debating an empty podium yesterday at the Westchester Black Women’s Political Caucus after his opponent was a no-show. It was the eighth debate or joint appearance in the last couple of weeks that Republican Rob has skipped out on at the last minute.

The Yonkers NAACP. The Journal News. A senior center in Rye. Two more editorial board interviews. And the list goes on.

What, exactly, is Rob hiding?

When Rob does show up, he’s a “severe conservative,” to borrow Mitt Romney’s phrase.

He’s applied Tea Party principles to the County Executive’s office, making cruel, draconian, and short-sighted cuts to essential services. He’s brought gun shows back to the County Center, called being pro-choice being pro-“infanticide,” vetoed a clinic access bill, and said our historic Marriage Equality law threatened the “taproot of Western civilization.” That’s quite a bit of red meat for the right.

This isn’t about Rob as a person, but about Rob’s record and rhetoric as a leader. By that standard, he does not come close to deserving another four years as our County Executive.

Barry Caro
Communications Director

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