It’s been too long since the last post to my food blog – mainly because a typical meal these days is a protein bar wolfed down between meetings and events. That’s why this meal earlier this week was a special treat – our first dinner together as a family in many weeks (and probably the last until the election.) We decided to go out to Alvin & Friends, the great restaurant in downtown New Rochelle, run by our friends Alvin & Gwen Clayton. Alvin & Friends enjoyed immediate success in a relatively small space on Lawton Street and this year expanded to a larger space on Memorial Highway. Catie had already been to the new location a couple of times with friends – for me, it was the first visit.

We had such a terrific time that I forgot to take photographs of our food until we had consumed most of it. But I did grab one image of Owen’s mac and cheese, as well as a photo of the four of us with Alvin on our way out. Jeremy gave top marks to the fried oysters and crab cakes. I was partial to the oxtail spring roll. Catie had a phenomenal steak. Owen polished off the aforementioned mac. Everything was wonderful.