Bramson campaign spokesman Barry Caro challenged the Astorino campaign to “put up or shut up” on the “New York State Police Chiefs Benevolent Association.” The group, which endorsed Astorino yesterday, is run by two failed Republican candidates for office and is listed on a NY State Troopers PBA Benefit Fund “fraud alert sheet” that tells law enforcement officers to “keep a look out for scams and crooks!” It is designed to appear at first glance to be a different, reputable organization with a century-long history of statewide advocacy.

“Facts are facts, and they’re stubborn things,” said Caro. “Yesterday, Republican Rob Astorino was endorsed by two people with far right fringe views on gun safety who represent a group flagged for potential fraud. This comes after he brought gun shows back to the County Center, opposed a state ban on assault weapons, and even opposed a bill to expand background checks. He might not like those facts, and his campaign may be angry that we pointed them out, but they are completely accurate.”

“It’s time for Astorino to put or shut up. Either admit this group is exactly what we described, or point out the specific facts we supposedly got wrong.”