So, I’ve been feeling guilty about this one. My friend Arlen Gargagliano opened a restaurant in Tuckahoe called Mambo 64, which everybody seems to love. Catie and I have been meaning to go for months and just haven’t found the time. I was finally able to swing by for a take-out lunch between stops in Yonkers and New Rochelle. Take-out is never a fair test of a restaurant, yet, even with that handicap, the cuban sandwich was terrific. I am looking forward to going back and having a more complete experience, including Arlen’s deservedly famous cocktails.

Topping things off was a brownie from Greyston Bakery. I can’t do justice to that organization (or to the brownie) in this brief web post, but you should check out their website. Inspiring . . . and truly effective in changing lives.