Stay armed with the truth! With your help, we can push back against the distortions coming from the Astorino campaign.

Did you hear the one about a “prominent Democrat” endorsing Astorino?

  • Ron Williams is well-known supporter of Republican candidates in New Rochelle who has supported Noam’s opponents in the past.
  • Williams joins another “prominent Democrat” backing Astorino, Ron Tocci, who won his last election eleven years ago as the Republican and Conservative candidate.
  • Real Westchester Democrats are united behind Noam.

Did you hear the one about Noam “expelling” Astorino from Lincoln Park in New Rochelle?

  • Astorino’s team neglected to get a permit for their political event, and a parks department employee asked them to move to the sidewalk next to the park.
  • Noam was in synagogue at the time, celebrating Rosh Hashanah, and had nothing to do with what happened. (Parks permit requests aren’t the sort of thing to reach the attention of the Mayor’s office anyway.)