Noam Bramson’s campaign spokesman Barry Caro issued the following response to the latest demonstrably false and patently absurd attack from Rob Astorino’s campaign:

“Just one week after he got caught lying five times in one thirty second ad, it’s no surprise that Rob Astorino continues to make bizarre and completely untrue accusations about Mayor Bramson and New Rochelle. Rob has no one to blame but himself for failing to get a legally required public assembly permit in advance of his political rally today in a local public park. Rob’s demonstrated, reckless disregard for the truth should give pause to any news outlet the next time they receive a statement from his office or campaign.”

“And, for the record, at the time Rob Astorino is alleging that a crazy, non-existent conspiracy was taking place, Mayor Bramson was in synagogue observing Rosh Hashanah with his family.”