“Truth Week” is Noam Bramson’s weeklong effort to get Republican Rob Astorino to address important issues facing Westchester County. On Monday, Bramson challenged Astorino to explain his decision to bring gun shows back to the County Center and future plans regarding holding gun shows there. No answer has yet been offered. Today, Bramson renews his call for Astorino to offer vital information about Playland.

Nearly a month after announcing his latest proposal for Playland, Republican Rob Astorino has yet to offer basic information that would permit the public to judge the merits of his plan.

“Playland is one of Westchester’s most valuable assets,” said New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson. “All County residents deserve an honest discussion about the costs, benefits, and risks associated with any proposal, so that together we can make an informed choice.”

Bramson renewed his call for Astorino to address three simple questions:

  1. When will the County conduct and complete an expert analysis of the financial and operational assumptions within the Playland proposals?
  2. By what date does Rob Astorino project that Playland will become financially self-sustaining and no longer dependent upon assistance from taxpayers?
  3. What is the optimal number of annual visits to Playland Park that the County aims to achieve?

“I am open-minded about options that could secure Playland’s future,” concluded Bramson, “but the County must first perform its due diligence in analyzing choices and plans. The review process up until now has been badly broken. We all deserve answers from the County Executive.”