On Thursday, I had a great discussion about economic development with a friend who works with Hudson River Ventures, the investment fund established by Sean Eldridge to foster business growth in the region. We met for lunch at the Peekskill Brewery, one of the businesses that Hudson River Ventures has supported.

The Brewery occupies a building that had been abandoned for twenty years, and today it’s already a vital part of the Peekskill waterfront, with ambitious plans for further expansion. It’s a powerful example of how the right business in the right place can have a catalytic effect on its surroundings.

Anyhow, I’d like to claim that informative conversation was the real point of things, but having an excuse for a terrific meal in the middle of the day isn’t too bad either. We shared a plate of friend pickles, which were amazing. And I ordered a short rib sandwich special – delicious. We also sampled a couple of the beers brewed on site – purely for research purposes, of course.