New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson kicked off a weeklong effort to challenge Republican Rob Astorino to reveal his positions and views on important issues. Bramson, the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families Party candidate for County Executive, said that during “Truth Week” he will pose questions to Mr. Astorino on one subject each day.

“On issue after issue, Mr. Astorino’s silence has been deafening,” said Bramson. “The people of Westchester deserve to hear directly from their County Executive on subjects that are vital to our future.”

Truth Week – Day One: Gun Shows
Question for Republican Rob Astorino

Earlier this year, you came out against a state ban on assault weapons and state limits on magazine capacity. And one of your first acts as County Executive was to bring gun shows back to the County Center after a decade long ban.

But in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, you cancelled an upcoming gun show because your spokesman said “at this time…a contract renewal is not appropriate.”

If a gun show wasn’t appropriate after Sandy Hook, why was it appropriate after Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot, after the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, after the massacre at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, and after any number of local gun homicides? Instead of suspending a single gun show, will you act now to permanently ban gun shows from the County Center?