Truth Week Day Five: Safe Drinking Water

For more than 500 days, Westchester County has been in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Republican Rob Astorino has yet to publicly comment on his Administration’s failure to meet its obligations or the crippling fines — now over $19 million — that have been imposed on Westchester as a result.

“Ignoring a problem does not make it go away,” said New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson. “This Administration’s pattern of neglect is costing Westchester taxpayers dearly and compromising the future safety of our water supply.”

The County Executive should explain:

  1. How his Administration could have missed a crucial deadline by more than 500 days – and counting – despite being clearly informed of this priority before taking office?
  2. How he intends to bring Westchester into compliance with the law, to finance necessary water treatment upgrades, and avoid the prospect of crippling financial penalties?
  3. How he intends to address parallel challenges that confront Westchester communities that receive their water supply from Westchester Joint Water Works?

“Truth Week” is Noam Bramson’s weeklong effort to get Republican Rob Astorino to address important issues facing Westchester County. On Monday, Bramson challenged Astorino to explain his decision to bring gun shows back to the County Center. On Tuesday, he challenged Astorino explain his proposal for Playland. On Wednesday, he asked Astorino to clarify his views on reproductive health care. On Thursday, Bramson asked Astorino to explain his opinions on climate change. No answers have yet been offered. Today, Bramson challenged Astorino to speak plainly about the County’s violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act.