Mayor Noam Bramson’s campaign spokesman Barry Caro issued the following statement this afternoon on State Supreme Court Justice Robert DiBella’s decision to invalidate an opportunity to ballot petition circulated by supporters of County Executive Rob Astorino. Under today’s decision, Mayor Bramson will be the candidate of the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families Parties this November, while Rob Astorino would appear on the Republican and Conservative Party lines.

“Today, the court ruled that Republican Rob Astorino’s closest political associates attempted to manipulate the political process in order to benefit Republican candidates,” Caro said.

“It’s time to focus on the choice voters will have in November, when they’ll decide between an extreme, Tea Party Republican and a mainstream Democrat. That clear contrast is why we eagerly look forward to bringing Mayor Bramson’s positive message of strong, independent leadership to moderate voters across Westchester County,” Caro concluded.

No Republican has won Countywide office without the Independence Party’s support since the Party was formed.